Centerline Action Statement on Ongoing Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Centerline Action President James Dozier released the following statement with respect to the ongoing debt ceiling negotiations between Congress and the Biden Administration. 

“Congress and the Administration must seize this moment to address both the debt ceiling and get federal spending under control. There are many ways for the federal government to rein in spending and reduce inflation without cutting manufacturing and clean energy incentives that enjoy broad bipartisan support. Clean energy incentives are bringing critical manufacturing and construction jobs back to the United States.  We applaud efforts to get government spending under control, but cutting vital job creating pro-growth incentives will only hurt consumers, domestic job creation, and American workers.”

Centerline Action is a nonprofit organization focused on forging consensus to advance centrist policy solutions capable of defending core constitutional freedoms and liberties, preserving a free market economy, and limiting the role of government in Americans’ everyday lives.