North Carolina Voters See Positive Impacts of Clean Energy Investments

Tar Heel voters voice support for the far-reaching benefits of sustainable energy


Washington, D.C. – Today Centerline Liberties released new North Carolina survey data detailing widespread bipartisan support for investing in America’s energy future. The data reflects widespread voter sentiment that lawmakers should continue investing in clean energy manufacturing and infrastructure. 

“North Carolina is powering America and leading the charge in advanced energy manufacturing. It is evident that voters across the political spectrum clearly see how investments in clean energy manufacturing and infrastructure benefit the local and national economies. Lawmakers should take note that Tar Heel voters overwhelmingly support investing in sustainable energy solutions,” said Centerline Liberties President James Dozier. 

Notable survey results on support for investments in sustainable energy solutions: 

  • Wide swath of North Carolina voters support clean energy investments.
    • Almost three-quarters of voters (73%) – including a majority of Republicans (53%) and Unaffiliated voters (73%) – say that Congress should continue to fund laws that invest in clean energy infrastructure.
  • There is a strong and evident desire across the state, in every type of community and with all key subgroups of the electorate, that support investment in clean energy, including:
    • 62% of men and 82% of women;
    • 70% of those without a college degree and 77% of those with a college or post-graduate degree;
    • 70% of White voters and 80% of Nonwhite voters; and,
    • At least 70% of voters in each of North Carolina’s media markets.
  • Voters clearly see the positive impact of investments in clean energy both locally and nationally.
    • Nearly two-thirds (64%) of voters think that clean energy investments will have a positive impact on North Carolina and the country. 
  • There is far-reaching support for the U.S. government and state government to take action in reducing carbon pollution.
    • 78% of voters say they support the federal government taking action to reduce carbon pollution, while 75% support the state government taking action. This support crossed party lines. 
  • North Carolina voters prefer a candidate for public office who supports taking action on climate change.
    • 76% of voters say they would vote for a candidate who supports taking action on climate change.
  • A safer, more reliable electric grid and one that is secure from hackers is considered the most important components of recent energy legislation to continue investing in.
    • Grid investments are extremely or very important across party lines.
      • 88% of Republicans, 89% of Unaffiliateds, and 82% of Democrats say making the country’s electric grid more secure from hackers and foreign interference is either extremely important or very important. 
      • 74% of Republicans, 89% of Unaffiliateds, and 87% of Democrats say making the country’s electric grid safer and more reliable is extremely or very important. 

Full survey results can be viewed by clicking here


The survey was fielded March 18-21, 2024 by New Bridge Strategy and Meeting Street Insights among 500 registered voters. The margin of error is: +/- 4.38%.

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